Maria Tischer

Maria Tischer
social worker / photographer

Hi, I’m Maria.

I'm 30 years old and live in Germany. In 2012 I succeed my BA as a state-approved social worker. To deepen my knowledge, I considered to study MA “Culture, Aesthetics and Media” at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf since 2015.

During my graduation I’ve intensively concentrate on the connectivity and correlation between cultural influences, creativity and human feelings. It’s important to me to discover new scopes of activities and to broaden these activities with my own creativity.

My goal to achieve is to combine photography, cultural engagement, educational and artistic methods by freelance and collaborate work. I hope this will allow me to work worldwide. In 2017 I’ll be on a journey to broaden my horizon and continue my projects. The first six months I’ll spend in New Zealand–followed by Australia and Asia. If you’re interested in my journey, my photography and like to getting to know more about my projects, please drop by the following sites:

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social worker/ photographer